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If you encounter any problems or have any queries regarding purchases from or need more information locating your local retailer:


Call: 1 (760) 438-7000

Monday through Friday: 8AM to 7PM EST

Technical Support on Products

Our technical support team is dedicated to assisting you with any issues or questions you may encounter. Additionally, we leverage cutting-edge technologies to facilitate the seamless installation of your gate opener.


Call: 1 (760) 438-7000

Monday through Friday: 8AM to 7PM EST
Saturday: 10AM to 6:30PM EST

We Made it Easy

Easy 3D Installation Guide

Experience a smoother and quicker installation with the BILT App. It provides guidance through audio, text, and animated images. You can zoom in, rotate the view 360 degrees, and replay steps instantly for a better understanding. Don’t forget to leave a rating and review after your experience. You can also register your product and access warranties directly through the app. 


The BILT App is available on both iPhone and Android devices. Enjoy a hassle-free experience!