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The Mighty Mule FM123 is a 10 Watt Solar Panel Kit that is an excellent option for charging the battery in your solar powered gate opener system. This convenient solar panel kit collects energy from the sun and provides a trickle charge of power to keep an automatic gate opener 12V battery or batteries fully charged. It’s compatible with all Mighty Mule gate models.

Product Details

Key Features:

  • Compatibility: Works with all Mighty Mule gate opener models.
  • Functionality: Maintains battery backup by providing a trickle charge of power to the gate opener battery.
  • Quality: Manufactured by Mighty Mule, a trusted name in automatic gate openers.
  • Easy Installation: Easy DIY (do it yourself) installation.

What's in the Box?

  • Solar Panel: The 10-watt solar panel captures sunlight to charge the battery for your gate opener.
  • Lag Bolts (4): These bolts are used to securely mount the solar panel.
  • Pipe Clamps (4): The pipe clamps hold the curved pipe in place, allowing you to position the solar panel optimally.
  • Curved Pipe: This pipe is used to mount the solar panel at the correct angle to receive maximum sunlight exposure.
  • Nuts (4) and Bolts (4): These fasteners secure the curved pipe and pipe clamps.
  • Wire Nuts (2): Used for connecting wires during installation.

Warranty Information

12 Month Warranty when purchased directly from Mighty Mule or an authorized dealer.

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Solar Gate Openers

FM123 is compatible with all Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Openers

Mighty Mule 271 Single Gate Operator (MM271)

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Mighty Mule 371 Smart Single Gate Operator (MM371W)

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Mighty Mule 571 Smart Single Gate Operator (MM571W)

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Mighty Mule 272 Dual Gate Operator (MM272)

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Mighty Mule 372 Smart Dual Gate Operator  (MM372W)

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Mighty Mule 572 Smart Dual Gate Operator (MM572W)

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Harness the Power of the Sun (FM123)

Easy Installation

Easy DIY installation for increased power during increased use.


Perfect for homes, farms, businesses, and more.


Use with all Mighty Mule Gate Openers with their battery.

Save More!

Eligible for Federal 30% Residential Energy Efficient Property Tax Credit!

Get the Most Out of Solar

Charge Battery

Alternative power source to all Mighty Mule Gate Openers. Charges the 12V battery with the power of the sun.

Extended Use

By maximizing the sunlight exposure, get extended gate cycles and prolonged usage.

Tax Credit

Residential homeowners can benefit from a 30% residential energy-efficient property tax credit.

Installation & Compatibility

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) installation. It comes with all necessary components to install easily.