Mighty Mule® Smart Gate Openers Offer Full Perimeter Control in the Palm of Your Hand

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to control your gate with your smart phone? With a Mighty Mule® smart gate opener, it is! 

We introduced a new line of smart gate openers – the first smart Do-It-Yourself automatic swing gate openers in the industry. These driveway gate openers bring unparalleled convenience with smart features that allow control from anywhere using your smart phone app. ​This smart gate operator ​offers the latest innovative features but ​continues with the legacy the Mighty Mule brand has of DIY simplicity and rugged, reliable performance. 

Smart gate openers 

With the app installed on your smart phone, you’ll be able to control and monitor your automatic gate ​or double swing gate​ ​from anywhere with the MMS100 Kit (sold separately). When installed, the MMS100 Wireless Connectivity System enables communication with ​our heavy-duty gate opener​ from a distance of up to half a mile from your house – more than any other gate opener in the industry. 

Simple residential or commercial gate openers 

A Mighty Mule smart ​automatic gate operator ​provides fast, easy installation for your driveway or fence. ​We provide you all of the standard installation ​kit ​hardware ​for single or double swing gates, including the operator, motor, hinge, battery backup,​ manuals and how-to videos to help you complete the job. 

Smooth single & double gate opener 

Mighty Mule ​Heavy Duty ​Smart Gate Openers provide reliability and solid, superb performance. Our products provide smooth, secure operation, soft start and stop, and fast, reliable gate operation – 40% faster than previous models ​used for driveway and fence gates! 

If you’re looking for a high-quality smart gate opener to enhance the convenience and security of your home, take a look at our automatic gate openers. Learn more about gate openers with the Mighty Mule Advantage, today!